Music Reviews, Tunes for Tea, and Murfreesboro Gig

School has kept me pretty busy this week, but there are still some pretty exciting things coming up. Here’s a brief little update.

Music Reviews
I know I always put a little P.S. at the end of my posts to talk about a cool new band I’ve been listening to, but now I’m going to start making an entirely separate series of posts devoted solely to reviewing new music. I listen to almost every kind of music, so I’m not really picky when it comes to a genre.

The only stipulation I have is that you mail me a physical copy of your CD or vinyl. Believe it or not, writing blog posts is really time consuming, and I don’t get paid to write reviews. Requiring that you send me physical submissions only keeps me from having to sift through so many submissions every day, but it also gives me a better feel for who you are as an artist and gives me a little musical artifact from a band that I think is cool. Of course, the publicity will be good for you, too, as I will always include buy links and links to social media as well as a music player if you’re on Soundcloud.

The address for submissions can be found in the “Contact” section of my blog. The link should be at the very top of the page.

Tunes for Tea
On the topic of music blogs, I myself was recently featured on a music blog based out of Toronto, Canada called Tunes for Tea. Doris Day, the writer for the blog, said some really kind things about my music, and I really appreciate it! You can read the blog post here.

Murfreesboro Gig with Jen Hodges and Spurge
I was sitting in my apartment last week when I got an email out of the blue from Jen Hodges, the frontwoman for a Nashville-based post rock band called Jen Hodges and Spurge. She asked if I would be interested in playing a show with them in Murfreesboro, to which I said yes, of course. Check out Jen Hodges and Spurge here and also check out the event details here. I’ll post more on my Facebook page as I find out more info about tickets.

Well, that’s it for this week. Enjoy your Wednesday, but just as importantly, enjoy the music!


This week I’ve been listening a lot to the new single from a band called Of the Vine. The single is called “In Event of Moon Disaster” and it’s awesome. Of the Vine is probably in my top three favorite post-rock bands, right up there with Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You. Awesome, awesome stuff. I highly recommend you check it out.



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