Music Reviews, Tunes for Tea, and Murfreesboro Gig

School has kept me pretty busy this week, but there are still some pretty exciting things coming up. Here’s a brief little update.

Music Reviews
I know I always put a little P.S. at the end of my posts to talk about a cool new band I’ve been listening to, but now I’m going to start making an entirely separate series of posts devoted solely to reviewing new music. I listen to almost every kind of music, so I’m not really picky when it comes to a genre.

The only stipulation I have is that you mail me a physical copy of your CD or vinyl. Believe it or not, writing blog posts is really time consuming, and I don’t get paid to write reviews. Requiring that you send me physical submissions only keeps me from having to sift through so many submissions every day, but it also gives me a better feel for who you are as an artist and gives me a little musical artifact from a band that I think is cool. Of course, the publicity will be good for you, too, as I will always include buy links and links to social media as well as a music player if you’re on Soundcloud.

The address for submissions can be found in the “Contact” section of my blog. The link should be at the very top of the page.

Tunes for Tea
On the topic of music blogs, I myself was recently featured on a music blog based out of Toronto, Canada called Tunes for Tea. Doris Day, the writer for the blog, said some really kind things about my music, and I really appreciate it! You can read the blog post here.

Murfreesboro Gig with Jen Hodges and Spurge
I was sitting in my apartment last week when I got an email out of the blue from Jen Hodges, the frontwoman for a Nashville-based post rock band called Jen Hodges and Spurge. She asked if I would be interested in playing a show with them in Murfreesboro, to which I said yes, of course. Check out Jen Hodges and Spurge here and also check out the event details here. I’ll post more on my Facebook page as I find out more info about tickets.

Well, that’s it for this week. Enjoy your Wednesday, but just as importantly, enjoy the music!


This week I’ve been listening a lot to the new single from a band called Of the Vine. The single is called “In Event of Moon Disaster” and it’s awesome. Of the Vine is probably in my top three favorite post-rock bands, right up there with Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You. Awesome, awesome stuff. I highly recommend you check it out.



I’m Still Alive — September 18, 2014

Hello, readers. I just wanted to let you all know that I am, in fact, still alive, and that I am still working hard on bringing music to you and people like you. Thank you for listening and for sticking around. It really does mean so much for people to appreciate my music, my creations. Thank you.

As for my music, things are coming along. I’ve finished several new songs that I’m very excited to share with you, and this weekend I’ll be playing twice in Cincinnati. This will be the first time in a LONG time that I’ll be in Cincinnati, so I’m excited to go exploring the city. If you want to see me play in Cincinnati, I’ll be at Velocity Bike and Bean in Florence, KY in the morning at around 10am and at the Roh’s Street Cafe at 8:30pm. I would love to meet you, so please be sure to swing by if you’re in the area!

Since the last time we talked I’ve also been scattered all over digital distribution sites like iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, so needless to say I’m halfway famous. Of course I’m being facetious, but I did recently get the little “<1000" plays marker next to my songs on Spotify, so I think I've achieved true indie cred, as my brother would say. That's not to say that I'm not selling physical albums too, though. Order one through BandCamp or just meet me at a show and buy one. I'll even sign it for you and shake your hand!

I'll try to stay on top of this blog, but the increased pressures from school and work are making this difficult at the moment. Stay tuned for updates, and remember to enjoy the music. Also, enjoy the changing of the seasons. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I am so looking forward to visiting Georgia again in October for the Greek Festival and for the Gold Rush Festival and for changing leaves in the Blue Ridge Mountains and for apple orchards and apple cider. Be present to appreciate fall before it's gone, as it's always gone much too quickly. Go hiking, listen to some Bon Iver and Iron & Wine, and drink some apple cider or eat an apple donut for me. Be here, in the moment.

Until next week,


Wednesday Weekly Update – September 3, 2014

Good morning, and happy Wednesday. Here’s the rundown for everything going on in the world of Forrest Brown Music in the past week and a sneak peak of things to come.

New Shows, New Music, and Album Release

That’s right. Busy busy busy. Next Tuesday (September 9th) I’ll be playing a show at the Curb Café here at Belmont University with the Illustrious Mr. Ross McCorkle (I haven’t actually met Ross yet but I’m sure he’s just as illustrious as his name implies). Just one day before that, There Are No Unsacred Places, my debut EP, releases digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, etc. THEN a little over a week later, I’m heading up to Cincinnati to play two shows in one day at Velocity Bike and Bean and the Roh’s Street Cafe in Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH, respectively. I know, I’m trying to stay busy. But I’m not complaining. Busy is good.

Getting Registered for SoundExchange and Submitting Music to Pandora

As an independent musician, having multiple streams of revenue is imperative. That’s why I’ve been getting all my ducks in a row by doing things such as registering for SoundExchange. SoundExchange is a performance rights organization (PRO) much like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, except SoundExchange collects digital performance royalties for copyright holders and featured artists. Whenever you get played on things like Pandora and Sirius XM Radio, you’re owed a digital performance royalty as a featured artist or copyright holder. SoundExchange makes sure that happens. So heed my advice and register for SoundExchange RIGHT NOW if you haven’t done so already. You might get some extra money you didn’t know you were owed. Which is a perfect segue to my next topic…

PANDORA! I submitted my music to Pandora Internet Radio on August 27th and am currently waiting to hear back if they’re going to accept it or not (fingers crossed!). Pandora has to review whatever music you submit, so my music is currently in that stage. The review stage. I know a lot of people complain that Pandora doesn’t really pay artists well, but the way I see it, exposure can be invaluable. At least you’re getting paid something for that exposure. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get accepted to be on Pandora.

Badgering Radio Stations and Record Stores

Well, hopefully not badgering. But I am contacting them! Specifically ones in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, and Washington, DC. So if you know of any good record stores or radio stations in those areas that would probably sell or play my music, please let me know! I want to make sure the people who want to hear my music have easy access to it, and this is one of the best ways of doing that!

That’s it for this week’s Wednesday Weekly Update. The last Bedroom Session YouTube video is in the works and will be up as soon as possible, and guitar tabs for my songs are on the way as well! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted, but until then, happy Wednesday and enjoy the music!

P.S. This past week I’ve been listening to a lot of Bad Suns and Kaki King. Strange combination, but I like it. Bad Suns just released their first album this year, and so far my two favorite songs off it are “Cardiac Arrest” and “Dancing On Quicksand.”

Kaki King is a phenomenal guitarist and artist, and I’m a huge fan of her work. Also, she’s from Atlanta, GA (my hometown) so that’s a plus as well. I picked up her 2004 album Legs to Make us Longer at McKay Used Books here in Nashville the other day, and I’ve really been loving it so far. Check it out if you get the chance. Kaki’s 2012 album Glow is also fantastic. What have you been listening to?

I Am a Writer

I am a writer. This is my blog.

This is where I will write because writing is what makes me feel most connected with reality.

Here will I write about things that convey meaning, not about things that do not matter.

I am a writer. And here’s what I have to write about– anything, and everything.